So today abt 2.15am i was woken  by damn strong wind  and rain then i went to close the windows but the wind keep wanting to gush in, creating a type of creepy sound. this wind is the strongest one that i could remember in my life and guess what. it woke my whole family up . cuz beside my house got this school building their indoor sports hall and the wind was so strong that it make most of the boxes at the half built roof to fall onto the hard ground and metals crashing onto the ground could be heard whenever the wind go strong its very #.# for me. i wish that those things will not hurt the workers there cuz my mm said that they might be living there so omg. i still rmb yesterday i asked my mm why my bedroom window will only let rain water splash in when theres only heavy rain and wind and during the early hours of the nxt day *today strong heavy wind rain came. is it my crow mouth? hope not!! sorry if it is. so today i woke up saw all those debris at the construction site..and the workers so busy tidying them up.. haizzz